Component Engineering

VisionManually load and unload Vision Measurement Machine for diesel exhaust tail pipe.


  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Electrical Anti Tie Down
  • Custom Made Backlights
  • One Mounted to Pneumatic Lift (ease of loading part)
  • Pneumatic Clamps
  • Stinger Part Engraver
  • Stinger Mount to Ball Slide with Pneumatic Extend
  • High Resolution Fire Wire Camera
  • Dell Computer
  • LabView Software (machine function and data acquisition)


  • Load part
  • Clamp part
  • Backlights on and moved into position
  • Camera snaps picture to PC
  • LabView analyzes picture and determines pass or fail
  • Pass (good) parts are then engraved with Stinger and then unclamped
  • Fail (bad) parts are kept clamped (requiring a keyed reset to unclamp)
  • Unload part