Component Engineering

RoboticManually load and unload Robotic Measurement Machine for exhaust component.


  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Steel Base Plate and Holding Fixture
  • Cam Operated Lockdown
  • Vision System to Identify Part (runs multiple parts)
  • Fanuc Robot and Controler
  • Solartron Digital Transducers
  • Light Curtain
  • Shop Hardened PC
  • Planner Touch Screen Moniter
  • LabView Software (machine function and data acquisition)


  • Prior to operation the machine must be mastered
  • Load part
  • Clamp part (variable pressure regulator)
  • Camera snaps picture to PC identifying part
  • Orient part using robot (represents C datum rotation)
  • Robot and Solartron Digital Transducers collect 25 variable data points to PC
  • LabView analyzes variable data using complex mathmatic equations and determines pass or fail
  • LabView displays checked part print dimensions
  • Pass (good) parts are then unclamped
  • Fail (bad) parts are kept clamped (requiring a keyed reset to unclamp)
  • Unload part

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