Component Engineering

AutoGageManually load and unload Fuel Rail Auto Gage Machine for Fuel Rail Assembly.


  • Welded Steel Construction
  • Steel Base Plate and Holding Fixture
  • Custom Pneumatic Clamps to Secure Part
  • Keyence Sensors to Identify Part (runs many parts)
  • Seven Pneumatic True Position Probes
  • Twenty Nine Solartron Digital Transducers
  • Light Curtain
  • Dell PC
  • LabView Software (machine function and data acquisition)


  • Prior to operation the machine must be mastered
  • Load part
  • Clamp part
  • Keyence sensors identify what part is loaded and goes directly to that program (this also identifies if the master is loaded and goes directly to that program and runs automatically)
  • True Position Probes and Solartron Digital Transducers collect 29 variable data points to PC.
  • LabView analyzes variable data using complex mathematic equations and determines pass or fail
  • LabView displays checked part print dimensions
  • Pass (good) parts are then unclamped
  • Fail (bad) parts are kept clamped (requiring a reset button to unclamp)
  • Unload part