Component Engineering

GenericComponent Engineering builds and designs complete testing machines based on your needs. Our machines test and measure a wide variety of parts using many variable data points, often several at once, and operate at extreme tolerances with high efficiency. A fully-equipped check machine may be designed and programmed to eliminate parts not meeting quality standards or showing flaws in construction, thereby reducing errors and failures in your finished products.

Each machine that Component Engineering builds is specific to the project, customer, part and requirements of the equipment. We factor in many variables about the part being analyzed and the process the machine is integrating into, such as the materials, cycle time, space limitations, working environment, durability, ergonomics and more. With these requirements in mind, our engineers work with you to develop a customized machine that can be quickly and easily added to your line and give you reliable, accurate quality assurance.

Take a look at a few of our past special machines to see examples of our measurements and designs.

To learn more about engineering a custom machine for your production line and to receive a quote, contact one of our project sales managers today.