Component Engineering

For meticulous measurements where both speed and accuracy are critical, Component Engineering supplies a comprehensive line of gages and fixtures. Our leading product, the TruPosition Probe, gives you fast, easy and intuitive measurements that you can customize based on your needs. The TruPosition Probe, with our 3rd Axis Probe, probe blocks, SPC triggers, indicator adapter and many other accessories, allows you to measure hole positions and surface data quickly and intuitively, even in hard-to-reach areas.

The patented TruPosition Probe comes in three families: handheld digital or analog models, handheld LVDT models, and pneumatic LVDT models. With various designs, sizes, custom probe tips and other accessories available, the TruPosition Probe can be adapted to fit any project, even at extreme tolerances or in automated environments. Whether you are making inspections yourself or your TruPosition Probe is a part of your production line, you will receive exact data adherent to precise specificity. For hybrid solutions that combine the benefits and capabilities of TruPosition Probes, 3rd Axis Probes and other products, we provide customization to enhance or reconfigure any of our existing designs.

Take a look at each product page to learn more about the TruPosition Probe, 3rd Axis Probe, SPC triggers and other products.

To customize any of these devices to suit your needs, contact us directly and we will be happy to assist you.