Component Engineering

Since 1999, Component Engineering has developed cutting-edge custom gages, measurement equipment, test fixtures and fully automatic checking machines. Our innovative products and custom-made machines are used in a wide range of industries, from advanced aeronautics and delicate medical equipment to automotive applications, furniture and more. We specialize in precision and adaptability, engineering refined measurements according to your needs.

The patented TruPosition Probe is among our leading innovations, with rapid and repeating measurement technology, SPC system integration and three different models that can be used in virtually any environment. Our custom probe tips, digital interface accessories and complete customization options make it easy to read, collect and access data from any project. Each of our products and specialized designs are made in-house by our expert team of designers, engineers and machinists, enabling individual customization of any part of your device.

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At Component Engineering, we utilize a versatile combination of expertise and advanced technology to bring you a wide array of services. This allows us to fully customize each of our devices, gages and special machines. From our designers to our engineers, machinists, programmers and salesmen, each member of our team works together to answer your questions and give you the best, and most cost-effective solutions.

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